Process of care and queries while under a hospital clinic and test results protocol

While under a hospital clinic

If you have been referred to a hospital department( by one of our clinicians, or after an inpatient admission/A&E attendance or via a particular community clinic ), you will be offered an initial appointment by them. Then there will usually be tests arranged and further follow up appointments until such as time that you can be discharged( this can be anything up to 2 years, and long term for certain conditions). Any queries re that specific condition for which you were referred for, or to discuss the test results that the team ordered, need to be directed to that clinic usually via the consultant’s secretary. If they start a new medication, our medication reconciliation protocol will be followed, and you can expect the new medication on your repeats within 2 weeks. Although we receive clinic letters after every attendance and appointment, that is mainly for our information but we expect the clinic to be picking up queries and progressing your care. Once the clinic has discharged you, we will take over and be guided by their plan at discharge for future management of the condition.

Test results protocol

We want to explain the process of any investigations that our clinicians order and how results are communicated.

Some simple tests such as blood tests are usually done at the Surgery but sometimes at the hospital or the drive through service. Other tests such as ECG, X-rays, CT or MRI scans are done at the hospital and results are then conveyed to us in writing. Normal results are not usually communicated to the patients, and we expect you to make follow up arrangements if you were advised to do so by the requesting clinician. For any abnormal results, you will either receive a text or a call by our admin team advising you of next steps. Sometimes if the test results require urgent intervention, we will be in touch the same day.

If you have not heard from us and want to know the results for sure, please ring us in the afternoon after 2 pm, allowing at least 5 working days for blood and urine tests and 2 weeks for ECG, x-rays, scans. Ringing us about the results sooner than this puts pressure on our processes and staff members; we ask that you consider this.

Please do not contact the practice for results of tests which were not ordered by us. You should ask the hospital clinician who ordered the test how they intend to relay the results to you.